How to Stop Putting Off Your Webinar

Start growing your list and business when you stop putting off your webinar

Building an email list is essential as it's the best way to build and nurture a relationship with potential clients in a personalised way.

To grow your business you need to grow your list... and one of the fastest list growth and high connection strategies is a great webinar.

I can understand why you may feel reluctant to get started with your first / next webinar - the highest connecting opt-in there is. I've been there too and it was a knock to my confidence so I chose to do different things to get a different result.

I have learned that there are 3 ways you can stop putting off your webinar:

  1. Teach don't Sell
  2. Face your Fears
  3. Stop Requiring Perfection

Let's explore each one in more detail.

#1 Teach don’t Sell

A webinar isn’t SELLING, it’s TEACHING! Recognise what’s important to your ideal client and make being of service your goal.

Focus on providing educational, valuable content to your audience and solve a specific problem they have. You’ll know what this is by doing some research and asking lots of questions.

The emphasis is on the transformation you can promise in the 45 – 60 minutes you have together.

When you deliver on this, it means you will create a smooth transition to make your offer the next logical step.

#2 Face Your Fears

If you find yourself getting distracted by less important tasks - social media, a fridge run - whatever distracts you from doing what appears a difficult and uncomfortable part of running a webinar.

Acknowledge it and then start addressing it.

We may delay and / or avoid because we don't feel we have

  • the competence to do the tech setup or
  • the know-how to promote effectively or
  • the webinar design and flow to show up as the expert we are to deliver a great webinar

Tackle this head on by writing a list of or journaling on what you’re avoiding and why.

Next get the support you need to resolve it. You may need marketing or tech support or a combination of both.

#3 Stop Requiring Perfection

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote in her book ‘Lean In’ that, “Done is better than perfect.” For most of us as recovering perfectionists we know how this mindset stops our completion of projects.

If you’re waiting to run the perfect webinar this is your permission slip to stop waiting and just do it because your audience will never be this small again!

Have self-compassion for any perceived failure which come from gaps in knowledge or execution. It's a rite of passage that you forget to record or bumble your offer the first time!

Think of webinars as a continuous improvement virtuous circle much like a baby learns to crawl, walk then run.

Your audience will never be as small as it is today; the sooner you start running webinars, the sooner you will grow your audience, and the better you’ll become at running webinars!

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